*Breaking News: KPC8 has already been online

KPC8 will be listed on the Sydney Digital Currency Exchange in the 2nd November 2019.


Kpay Coin Payment System

Blockchain 3.0 technology
Kangaroo Payment platform is a cross-border e-commerce platform payment system, and comprehensively linked with various industrial & business scenarios to form a closed loop of benefits
Benefits distribution
The benefits generated by this project will be distributed to investors in a specified proportion, so that the company can grow rapidly
Management team
Our team includes core management, finance department, marketing department, product department, legal compliance department and consulting team including high-end professional elite, social elite, government regulatory department, international student union and university blockchain R&D.
Clear roadmap
The company’s roadmap is clear and will be listed in Australia, Hong Kong or the US in the near future.


Kpay Coin (KPC8)

PJ FINANCIAL GROUP Pty. Ltd. initiated this Blockchain 3.0 Kpay token project as the management company.

Kpay Blockchain Australia Pty. Ltd., the operator of the Kpay platform, is responsible for the development of the KPC8 as a comprehensive token for the kpay platform.

PJ Financial Group Pty Ltd is headquartered in Financial center of Sydney, Australia. PJ Financial Group Pty Ltd and Kpay Blockchain Australia Pty. Ltd have established a kpay platform (KPC8) through the decentralized trust mechanism of blockchain technology and set up a specific fund to provide support services for the project.

KPC8 contract address

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Investment Value


Consumers can use the KPC8 to conduct consumer circulation and use KPC8 to buy and sell products. While KPC8 provides cross-border payment convenience for the project, the project also provides a strong guarantee for KPC8.

The self-owned entity projects linked to this project are:

  • Australian Catering Industry Chain Group
    Introducing famous chain restaurant brands from China to Australia and reaching the goal of 100 chain stores in major Australian cities.
  • SEN Education Group
    mainly engaged in study abroad, immigration, study tour and cooperative education, has opened a branch in China. It mainly includes Fujian Southeast Education Company and is preparing to start in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hainan and other provinces and cities.
  • PJ Zhongmao Group built RIL MALL
    to develop online and offline cross-border e-commerce, selling PJ Financial Group’s own brand series and original ecological products of famous Australian brands.


Main team


Golden Chen

Australian Justice of the Peace (JP), APEC member, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJ Financial Group Pty. Ltd, has extensive financial experience and close ties with government departments.

Joseph Wang


Julia Li

Senior senior certified public accountant and planner, as well as qualified as a training instructor, can comprehensively and effectively manage the finance of large companies, familiarize with and link the financial systems of different countries, and have multinational finance and auditing experience.


Eric Ji

Master of Banking and Finance from the University of Sydney, Advanced Certificate in Value Investment Program at Columbia University, and Advanced Certificate in Destructive Innovation at Harvard Business School. He has extensive experience in venture capital and specializes in investment analysis, corporate valuation and financial product development. Deep insight into changes in financial markets.

Operations team


Peter Sulyan

Peter has over 25 years’ experience working in Corporate, Government and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). Qualified in Industrial Relations, Employment Relations and IT Systems, he has a wealth of experience in Systems and Database Enterprise Computing for Global financial and retail service providers.


Zane Kung-Faust

Zane, a financial consultant for multinational corporations, is a consultant in the strategic consulting field. He has worked with government and multinational companies. He was the head of the Australian and Asian region of the capital consulting firm SanguineCapitalAdvisors. He has held consulting and leadership positions in various companies.


Peter Lau

Senior practical and interactive marketing planner, founded in the early 1980s, engaged in a large health industry in Hong Kong for 38 years, and owns the research products of his own brand. The company has been leading the e-commerce sales model since the beginning of the millennium and has rich market expansion. Experience, in recent years in Australia, he is also a leading figure in team building and marketing training for a number of direct sales companies.

Advisors Team


Bing Zhao

Personnel and Corporate Strategy Development Consultant, Dean of the Chinese Traditional Culture Institute of Australia, who has been engaged in human resource selection and corporate strategy research for many years, can put forward effective corporate strategic goals, check the development direction of the company, and be good at discovering and cultivating powerful and potential enterprises. Employees and partners.


Howard Chen

International veteran market and IT professionals with extensive global IT market development and leading institutional management experience, founder of the Sydney Cryptographic Exchange, and consultants in multiple blockchain projects. Mr. Chen worked in Huawei for 23 years. He previously served as the global global account director, general manager and other team leaders in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Europe, Middle East and South Pacific. Mr. Chen graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 1992 and later majored in electronic circuit at Sichuan Union University (now Sichuan University). He graduated in 1995 with a master’s degree.


Brendan Maier

Legal Counselor, Partner of COLIN BIGGERS & PAISLEY LAWYERS Law Firm. Law firms and I maintain strong relationships in construction, real estate, insurance, agriculture, banking and finance, education, energy, mineral resources, and government.


Investment has certain risks, be wised with your decision.

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